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Pre K Kids Training

3 yrs to 5 yrs (Tiny Tigers)

Students will learn discipline and respect for others. In each class, they will learn and go over basic blocking, punching, and kicking techniques. They will be taught to perform basic patterns and will be given a new pattern to learn every two months. Each class session will have interspersed games for the children to play to keep class exciting and to hold their attention.

Children's  Training

6 yrs to 12 yrs (Children's Classes)

 Students will learn discipline, self-control, and respect for others. Will learn the meaning of their promise and tenets. Besides the basic techniques, they will learn to master their pattern and will learn speed drills. This will help them to prepare for promotional belt testing. Each class will proceed with yoga-style stretching. They will learn the meaning of consequences. Games will be earned or lost according to behavior. As they progress they will learn leadership skills. They will learn defensive drills that will prepare them for actual combat. They will do shield work to help them to develop their confidence. 

Teen and Adult Training

13 yrs & Up (Teens to Seniors)

Students will learn basic blocks, kicks, and punches. They will learn to put these basics into combinations. Every 2 months they will learn a new pattern and speed drill. They will learn defense drills and attack drills. They will learn close-range fighting. They will learn techniques to help defend against grabs, chokes, bumps, etc. They will perform shield work to help sharpen their skills and maximize their power. The classes will be aerobic in nature with some anaerobic activity and strength training.





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